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Learn more about the leadership and who contribute to the mission and goals of  Black Excellence.

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Jennifer Miller

Administrative Officer

Jennifer Miller is the Dean of Continuing, Graduate, and Online Education at Simpson College. Simpson College is a private, liberal arts college that serves both traditional, residential students on the main campus in Indianola and adult learners at the West Des Moines campus. Jennifer was born and raised in Portage County in Northeast Ohio. She began her career as a high school English teacher. She went on
to teach future teachers at Hiram College in Ohio and later served as the associate dean of the Professional and Graduate Studies program there. She received her B.A from The University of Akron and her M.Ed. and Ph.D. from Kent State University.


Throughout her career, Jennifer has taught middle school and high school students, traditional aged college students, adult learners, and peers and colleagues. In all areas, she is committed to student success and improving educational pathways.


Jennifer has served a variety of organizations, all focusing on her passion for education. She served as the president of the Ohio Middle Level Professors Association, where she worked to improve preparation of middle school teachers across that state. She was a member of the Rock Island Parks and Recreation Foundation board in Rock Island, Illinois. The primary purpose of that organization was to raise funds for youth to be able to participate in parks and recreation programming. As a board member of the Niabi Zoo Foundation, Jennifer also worked on fundraising for educational programming and conservation at the zoo. She is looking forward to giving her time and talents to further the education pillar of Black Excellence.

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