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Learn more about the leadership and who contribute to the mission and goals of  Black Excellence.

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Josh Terrell

Founder/Chairman & Chief Strategist

Being a coach at heart, Josh finds his passion and purpose in helping agency teammates and business partners reach their personal and professional goals. Josh began his career in
the industry in 2012, and has had the privilege in serving, assisting, and partnering with hundreds of clients (in all industries) over his tenure. Within the insurance industry, Josh has received multiple Nationally recognized company awards for operating with his team at a high level. Taking a true consultative approach, Josh seeks to create customized solutions for his clients. As an entrepreneur, Josh remains a student of business development, and takes pride in supporting local company growth.

Attending the University of Dubuque, Josh received a B.A. in Health, as well as an MBA. Before graduating, he also earned wrestling honors, being a 4X All-American and National
Champion for the Spartans.

Outside of work he enjoys quality time with his wife, Tina, and their daughters Jenesis (2018) and Shiloh (2020), and JT (2022). Together they enjoy community involvement, such as: Serving on a non-profit boards, music and children's ministry in their local church, and
various community service projects. They also like traveling together, hosting friends and family, and outnumbering dad’s household vote.

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