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Learn more about the leadership and who contribute to the mission and goals of  Black Excellence.

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Octavius "Tavy" Evans

Executive Director

Octavius Evans hails from the vibrant city of Waterloo, IA. As a devoted husband and loving father to three beautiful children, Octavius's life is centered around the values of faith, family and making a positive impact within the community.His transformative journey began at Columbia College where he pursued a bachelor's degree in Public Administration.


This educational foundation armed him with the knowledge and skills
necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of community leadership. For over 3 years, Octavius has been passionately working in the Non-Profit space, dedicating his time and energy to uplift those in need.
While Octavius is committed to his professional endeavors, he also cherishes the moments spent with his beloved family. Engaging in meaningful conversations, embarking on exciting adventures and sharing laughter-filled moments. Family truly remains the cornerstone of Octavius's life.


Recently, Octavius was appointed as the esteemed Executive Director of Black Excellence Iowa, a role that perfectly aligns with his unwavering passion for empowering and uplifting his community. With this new position, he aims to inspire leaders, celebrate black excellence, and
create a better future for the next generation.

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