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Learn more about the leadership and who contribute to the mission and goals of  Black Excellence.

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Trent Gosnell

Communications Officer

Trent is passionate about helping people build financial literacy behind insurance. Trent began his career in the insurance industry after graduating from Wartburg College as a student-athlete in 2018. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Finance. During his time at Wartburg College he was a 4 year member of the men's basketball program. Go Knights! Before his college degree, he grew up in small town Iowa (Lone Tree) with his two brothers (Tyler & Niko) and mother (Amy). Trent now resides in the growing city of Waukee.  


Starting in the insurance industry, Trent has received several company awards and earned his credibility by spearheading one of the largest teams in the territory at only 24 years old. Trent is now the agency manager/owner of Benefit Advocates, a health and life insurance agency, specializing in employee benefits. 


Trent now serves on the Boardroom pillar in Black Excellence and is eager to empower the lives of the black community in numerous ways.  Trent plans to enhance the financial literacy amongst his peers and give those the head start he was never exposed to growing up. Trent is looking forward to making a positive footprint in the organization through his leadership on the board and commits to heavy involvement in our community. 


In addition to Trent's work life; he enjoys spending quality time with his current fiancé and future wife, Ashley, and their fur child, Biggie Smalls. Biggie for short. (Olde English Bulldog). 

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